The German Railway in H0


Review: Märklin My World Freight Train Set #29210

We all know how small children are thrilled by playing with model trains and how they want the trains to go faster, and faster and perhaps even crash and so on. I bet you also know the feeling when your own precious models are at risk of being played with by children. This is why I bought a train set from the Märklin My World range of products. A great way to entertain the kids and keep your own models safe from the damages that small hands can do! Read my review. [More]

Review: Trix 24117, Freight Wagon Set

The Trix freight wagon set (Trix #24117) was announced in the New Items catalogue for 2014. The set is a model of two flat bed freight wagons of type Res and a high rail digger.
The set is already very hard to come by, I have no real clue on the reason, but it is sold out at most dealers. This is not normal for Trix new items, so there must be something special about this set. Follow along as I review the set.