The German Railway in H0


Review: Trix 24117, Freight Wagon Set

The Trix freight wagon set (Trix #24117) was announced in the New Items catalogue for 2014. The set is a model of two flat bed freight wagons of type Res and a high rail digger.
The set is already very hard to come by, I have no real clue on the reason, but it is sold out at most dealers. This is not normal for Trix new items, so there must be something special about this set. Follow along as I review the set.


A Review Of The NOCH Guidebook And DVD

The NOCH company is famous for its many products regarding model landscaping and in the later years also model houses and a lot of other accessories for your model railway. I like the products very much and I use them a lot. To help their customers use their products, NOCH publishes a guidebook (NOCH #71909) and a DVD (NOCH #71916). I bought the guidebook and the DVD to check them out.


Fixing Märklin C Track Motor Imitations With NOCH Hin & Weg-Kleber

Some time ago I did an article on using the motor imitations that come with the point drive from Märklin. It provides a nice little touch and at the same time let's you know that the point is not a manual one. There is just one problem with these small plastic parts: They fall off. From time to time, and more often than not, they will simply fall off the point when you handle it. This article shows you how to take care of that using a nifty product from NOCH or Woodland Scenics.


Outside In The Sun

Normally model trains are not happy about the UV light coming from the Sun, but for a quick photo shoot outside they should be just fine. This weekend the weather was fine, so I took my brand new diorama outside and took some photos of it. I am always amazed how everything blends together when there is real life nature in the background.