The German Railway in H0


Changing wheel sets for a better look

If you are like me, you may feel a bit annoyed by the large flanges on model rolling stock wheel sets. I tend to think of the wheels as pizza cutters. With the introduction of the NEM wheel standard the standard wheels now look a bit better, but you can do even better by changing the wheel sets on your rolling stock with the more prototype-like RP25 wheel sets. This is done without messing with the running characteristics of your rolling stock. Read along as I enhance the looks on some of my freight wagons.


Lenz LI-USB 64-bit drivers for Windows 8

Time has passed and Windows 8 is now a reality and have been for a while. Release previews have been available over a year before the final release. None the less, there are still no drivers available for Lenz LI-USB on Windows 8 - or Windows 7 for that matter. This article describes how to get the Lenz LI-USB to work with Windows 8 and Windows 10.