The German Railway in H0


My Exhibition Layout - Part 2

I want to bring more interesting features to my exhibition layout. I like to give my visitors something new to look at each year. The past year I have upgraded the scenery on parts of the layout. This time I am looking into the track plan itself. I want to make it easier to lay track and reconfigure the track plan. NOCH has a product that solves just that!


Märklin 3016 And 4018 On The Rolling Road

Last week I did some cleaning of our rented storage room. I found some of my old Märklin there and thought I would bring it back to the train room. I bought these models back in 1994 when I was on a student exchange in Stuttgart. It was a great day when I took my hard earned pocket money to the train store and got the one model that I have always wanted: The classic German rail bus.