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Review: NOCH platforms for C-track

This year NOCH has released a new set of platforms designed to be used with C-track from Trix and Märklin. This new set of platforms comes with an added height that brings them up to match the C-track height. This is a really nice product.

I ordered a pack of the NOCH platforms to check them out. They are very nice and comes painted right out of the box. The platforms are made from the same "hard foam" as the tunnel portals, rocks and walls from NOCH. They weigh absolutely nothing and are very sturdy. They are also easy to modify if you need to shorten them.

Platforms from NOCH [More]

Fixing Derailments On Trix C Track Large Radius Curved Turnouts

Train on Trix C track

I recently installed a couple of the larger radius curved turnouts on my layout. They look great and work absolutely fine, but when combined with rolling stock from other manufacturers than Märklin/Trix, they introduce an unexpected problem with bogie type wagons and coaches: Derailments. In this article I will explore the cause and explain you how to fix the problem.