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A Visit To A Danish Model Railway Show

Autumn is the time of railway shows. At least in Denmark where I live. A few weekends ago a friend and I went on a short trip to a model railway show not far from where I live.


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In Denmark, model railway shows are often of a small character. The typical setup is a few dealers and some clubs presenting their layouts, and lots of happy people. I often participate with my exhibition layout. But this time, I was a visitor, and it is great once in a while to just be able to walk around and enjoy the show.


Model railway clubs from around the country participated with their exhibition layouts. I like to look at the different ideas that they come up with.

Fredensborg Modeljernbaneklub (“Modeljernbaneklub” is Danish for Model Railway Club)

The layout is a huge 3-rail layout with lots of interesting details.

By the push of a button the fire truck would start.



You really cannot have enough industries.


I really like the underpass…


…and the ferry scene. Railway ferries used to be a typical thing for Denmark, because our country is mostly made up of islands. Today most of the ferries are gone, replaced by bridges.



Gudenåen Modeljernbaneklub

This club brought their well known exhibition layout. The interesting thing is that most of the buildings are models of real buildings from the club’s home area.


If you cannot recognize a particular building, you can look for it at the pictures above the layout backdrop.



The club builds their layout according to the FREMO standard for modular layouts. The club’s layout is in N-scale.

As you can see from the pictures it is work in progress, but that should not prevent anyone for participating in an exhibition. The trains that ran there were a mix of everything from the UK to the former GDR (German Democratic Republic).

When asked about the peculiar mix of trains the answer came promptly: “We are not bothered with that, people should run what they like”. Good to hear!




Videbæk Skjern Veteran- og Modeljernbane

The club’s exhibition layout is basically a model of a station. That is all. I really like this idea because it will appeal to those not having much space for a model railway. I myself have thought about building a model railway this way. It is also easier to bring to exhibitions because it does not take up much space.

The model features a scene from Herborg station on the now closed Skjern – Videbæk railway. The station house still exists today and happens to be the club house for the club. If you are into heritage railways, parts of the old railway is open to rail bikes. You can rent a rail bike and go for trip on the old railway.

Check out the website.





Dealers And Manufacturers

There was a lot of dealers at the exhibition so there was definitely a chance to find something for the home layout.




Landscape materials and accessories for the layout were at almost every dealer.




With the products from Games on Track you can automate your model railway in new and inventive ways. Personally, I am not convinced by the system. It is similar to the system behind the Faller digital car system.


More Heljan products…


Old books and other railway relics from Mariager Remisekomité.


Nice LED sells LEDs in all colours, sizes and shapes.


NOCH was there with a few product demos, catalogues and samples.


One of the NOCH demo landscapes.


Perron 1 from Helsinge, had brought a lot of products from the Danish manufacturer McK. The products are mostly models of Danish locomotives made of metal and goods waggons.


Risløv Hobby from Copenhagen sells all sorts of tools and painting accessories.




A camera locomotive developed by a local manufacturer. The idea of having a driver’s view of the model railway is appealing to many. I am not convinced though.


Piles of Märklin products were all over the place. A few of my friends found some long sought after treasures for their collection.


As in the real world the railway is threatened by lorries. The RC lorry community had a huge playground with piles of dirt and gravel. The average age amongst the members there was noticeably lower than amongst the model railway club members.


Outside were some old fire trucks from the local fire truck museum. A nice touch!


All in all a great way to spend a few hours!

Happy Modelling!