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Build Your Own Wide Angle Crossing For The Trix C Track

A model train

The available products in the Trix C-track range is a bit behind the Märklin C-track product range. Besides the wide angle double slip switch missing in both product ranges, the Trix C-track range also misses a wide angle crossing track. Luckily, you can easily build this yourself from a Märklin C-track wide angle crossing.

First of all go and buy a Märklin wide angle crossing (Märklin #24740)

Strip the center conducter from the track. Be careful! You will have to remove the studs (pukos) from the track, by cutting the visible part away, and then carefully pull the contact strip off the track from below. It is crucial that you take your time with it, otherwise you can destroy the track bed, and you will have to start over with a new track.

The track is now free of the pukos, and already looks more like a Trix C-track.

A model train

You now have to connect the rails so power will run through the track. Connect the rails as shown on the picture.

A model train

That's it! The track is now working as intended. I have filled the holes left by the pukos with plastic putty (Acrylicos Vallejo #70.400) and painted them in a matching colour. 

A model train

Enjoy your new possibilities with the Trix C track! 

A model train

Happy modelling!