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ESU announces LokPilot 4.0

The Swiss Knife of Decoders

A model train

The new LokPilot is a welcome product on the decoder market. Even though the predecessor does not leave much more to wish for, ESU has improved the new version on several fronts. One very good thing is the better control of 3-poled engines, which is found in several cheap beginner models from PIKO and Märklin and on a lot of older models.

The new features includes

  • ABC breaking system from Lenz
  • PowerPack capacity for stutterless running on dirty tracks
  • The decoder is 9% smaller than the predecessor
  • New version of the load control for a more clean and jerk-free slow driving

A model trainThe general specs are the same as the good old LokPilot 3.0. It comes in a multi protocol version and in a DCC only version.

From the LokPilot commercial flyer: "The LokPilot 4.0 supports all common braking sections such as Zimo® HLU, Märklin® or Selectrix® diode braking sections. A new feature is the ABC braking mode. Introduced by Lenz®, it simplifies stoppage in front of the signal thanks to its asymmetrical DCC signal. The LokPilot V4.0 also fully supports the RailCom® standard and can be programmed with all current digital command stations. Also new is the additional connection facility for an external „Power Pack". This optionally (coming in 2011) available energy store is able to energize the motor up to 2 seconds if the power supply is interrupted and makes you finally forget dirty tracks!"

 The power pack will act as a little battery for your locomotive, so it will be less sensitive on dirty tracks. Of course cleaning the tracks regularly will reduce the use for the power pack, but for some users this feature is still quite nice. And since it is optional, you decide if you will use it or not.

The fifth generation load control software will make the LokPilot 4.0 manage your old 3-pole engines even better than before. This is a welcome feature for the users of PIKO hobby line and TRIX/Märklin hobby locomotives. These locomotives have 3-pole engines and often suffer from bad running characteristics. I am personally looking forward to try the LokPilot 4.0 on one of these models.

The LokPilot 4.0 will be available in all the known plugs including NEM 652 (8 pin), NEM 651 (6-pin), 21 pin MTC and the all new PluX12. PluX is the new NEM standard for decoder plugs which is currently being adapted by a lot of 2-rail manufacturers including Roco. From now on you will be able to put a LokPilot in your new Roco models.

Thank you for that ESU - I am looking forward to try this new product. If you use the LokProgrammer, brand new software is available for use with the LokPilot 4.0.

You can read more and check out the specs in the commercial flyer: LokPilot_V4.0_Flyer_2010_ESU_KG_EN.pdf (1.15 mb)

Happy modelling!


Pictures by ESU