The German Railway in H0


A Few Hours at Hamburg Harburg Station

In the autum of 2011 a friend of mine and I spent a day in the neighbourhood of Hamburg looking at trains. I have been in Hamburg several times and there are some very good trainspotting places. I must say though that the station Hamburg Harburg is my favourite. We were there for around two hours and saw around 50 trains (many of them regional trains of course).

I took a bunch of pictures and never really got around to do a post on them. I could say that I spent all that time working on the pictures, but the truth is more in the neighborhood of me forgetting all about them. Now! The wait is over!

Here are some of the highlights from that day.

DB 101 035 with an Intercity train.

DB 120 150 with an Intercity train.

DB 120 208 with a special train consisting of heritage coaches.

DB Schenker 152 039 in the old Cargo-livery is pulling a freight train towards the harbour.

DB Schenker 152 039 going back from the harbour after delivering the freight train.

DB Schenker 155 104 going towards the harbour.

DB Schenker 155 104 coming from the harbour with a freight train. Metronom 248 008 just arrived with an afternoon regional.

DB Schenker 185 223 running solo towards Maschen railyard.

DB Schenker Rail Scandinavia 185 331 on its way to the Maschen railyard.

DB 212 310 running solo.

DB Schenker 232 043 on its way to the Maschen railyard.

Metronom 246 008 on the back of a regional push/pull train.

MRCE ES 64 U2 - 033 with a freight train.

A very good day indeed with lots of trains and good friends.

Happy modelling!