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How To: Prepare A USB Stick For Use With The Märklin Central Station 2

Note: The procedure in the article was verified with Märklin Central Station 2 (Märklin #60215) with software version 4.0.0 (3). Article revised: 18/08/2015

Why Use An USB Stick With The Central Station 2?

It is a good idea to have a dedicated USB stick for use with the Märklin Central Station 2.

This will make it easier for you to:

  • Take regular backups.
  • Easy import of locomotive icons.
  • Update the Central Station with new software.

Prepare The USB Stick

The process is easy. You prepare the USB stick by taking your first backup. The backup process will create the folder structure that you will use later when you import icons, take additional backups etc.

  1. Insert the USB stick into the Central Station. Give the Central Station a few seconds to recognize the USB stick.
  2. Click the Setup-tab and select the USB option.
  3. Click the Save button and select the "backup.tgz" file and accept to begin.The Central Station will now prepare the USB stick (create a special folder structure) and your first backup. Note: If this is your first backup, just accept the dialog and the "backup.tgz" file will be created.

That's it, you're done! Now, put a label on the USB stick and keep it for use with the Central Station.

Note: The Central Station will not inform you about the backup process or tell you when the process is complete. It will, however, tell you if the backup process fails. Allow for some time for the process to complete.

A rule of thumb is that the user interface is not responding to touch inputs while the backup process is taking place. When you can push buttons again, your backup is complete.

Screen Shot

Here is a screen shot of the setup screen. The arrows marks the spots mentioned in the guide.

Click the setup-tab, click USB, click save.

Additional Backups

You can take additional backups simply by plugging your USB-stick in the Central Station and hit the save button. You may or may not want to name the backup file differently in order not to overwrite older backups. This is totally up to you.