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How to set up the new Märklin and Trix C track points

Earlier this year, Märklin announced new larger curved points for the C track range. The points are made for both Märklin and Trix C track. Unfortunately, there was no drawing that showed how the geometry worked. This spawned a lot of guessing around the Internet. With the new Märklin and Trix catalogue hitting the streets, the guess work is over, because a drawing is now included.

Here are some drawings that show you how to correctly use the points with the existing geometry. I have used the same colours as in the catalogue.

Tracks used are
The Märklin and Trix range product numbers are almost identical, here is a list of the new product numbers

Märklin #24771 (Wide curved point), Märklin #24772 (Wide radius curved point), Märklin #24315 (Curved helper track)

Trix #62771 (Wide radius curved point), Trix #62772 (Wide radius curved point), Trix #62315 (Curved helper track)

Transfer from R3 to R5:

Transfer from R3 to R4 on a double track mainline:

Transfer from R3 to R4 on a single track mainline:
You can find more track configurations in the Märklin or Trix year book and in the track plan books published by Märklin.
Happy Modelling!