The German Railway in H0


Installing a High Hide from NOCH

The NOCH Laser Cut Minis range of products includes lots of small structures that you can use for a small one-day project. In this article I will install a high hide on the exhibition layout.

A high hide is a fun detail to a forest scene.

On my exhibition layout I want something more than just nature. A great way to add a few details is to take a look at the "Laser Cut Minis" range from NOCH. I bought a high hide (NOCH #14341) because this kind of structures is almost everywhere in the outskirts of a forest and I think it is a kind of interesting detail. I also bought a box of deer.

You will find lots of interesting structures and small details in the NOCH Laser Cut Minis range of products.

The high hide from NOCH is made of cardboard and easy to assemble. You can buy glue for the laser cut structures (NOCH #61102) or you can use normal white glue. I recommend that you find a way to add tiny blobs of glue while assembling the model, so you do not ruin the structure by spilling glue all over it.

To place the high hide on the module, I needed a level spot for it to stand on. I did not have that, so I scraped off some of the ground foam and added strips of plaster cloth (Woodland Scenics #C1203) to level the foundation.

I constantly checked to see if the structure was level and kept adding strips of plaster cloth until it was.

The easiest ways to check if the foundation is level, is to simply place the structure on it.

When the plaster cloth had dried I painted it using Earth Undercoat (Woodland Scenics #C1229 or NOCH #96131). I basically use the same technique as for bigger projects. This helps blending the new landscape into the existing one. 

When the Earth Undercoat has dried I start adding new ground cover and detailing. This includes high grass and other plants that you may find underneath a structure such as the high hide.

When detailing the ground I try to think of trips to the forest and my trips to Southern Europe which is the theme of the layout.

The ground cover is from Woodland Scenics (Fine Turf Earth Blend #T50, Coarse Turf Earth #T60, Coarse Turf Burnt Grass T62,  Field Grass Medium Green #FG174 and Field Grass Natural Straw FG171).

I put the field grass down in clumps using Scenic Glue (Woodland Scenics #S190).

I still need to add more trees to get the look I am going for, but the landscape sure is starting to take form.

It is important to keep things leven when placing structures. We can't have the hunter falling out of his high hide. The little Köf and the Trix Grade measurement-wagon (Trix #24080) helps keeping things level.

I also added some deer to give life to the forest scenes. The deer package is from NOCH (#15730 "Hirsche").

If you are looking for some simple details for your model railway, you should give the Laser Cut Minis from NOCH a try. They have something for every purpose, and I think you will be happy with the result.

Happy modelling!