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Märklin Autumn News: New Large Radius Curved Points For The C Track

Today Märklin has announced a long awaited expansion for the C track: Large radius curved points.

UPDATE: Check out my article on how to use the new point work.

The new points will give the C track users new and improved opportunities for creating stunning track plans. I am really excited about this, since my exhibition layout can benefit greatly from this.

With a cross over in the curve leading towards the fiddle yard, I can release some of the space currently taken up by the current entry points which is in the yard itself. This will create a much better and more flexible track plan.

About The Points

The curved points will go from R3 to R4 and can of course be motorized and digitalized. Märklin also released a new expansion piece for R3, which you will have to use together with the points.

The most awesome thing about these points is that Märklin also released a version for the Trix C track, letting Trix C track users know that they are not forgotten. Thank you so much for that, Märklin! :-)

Trix 62771 / Märklin 24771 and Trix 62772 / Märklin 24772
Inner curve is R3 = 515 mm and 30 degrees. The outer curve is 30 degrees. The point is operated by hand but can be motorized using the 74491 point motor and digitalized using the 74461 "in track bed" point decoder from Märklin - but you can also use a stand alone decoder like the Märklin m83 or another point decoder of your choice. The point can also be fitted with a lighted lantern (Märklin #74470).

Trix 62315 / Märklin 24315
Expansion piece with removable track bed. You use this together with the curved points as you use the Trix 62071 / Märklin 24071 track piece together with the wide angle points (Trix #62712, #62711, Märklin #24712 #24711).

Märklin C Track

Here are some computer renderings of the Märklin version.




Trix C Track

Here are computer renderings of the Trix version.




For me, this is a much anticipated and very welcome addition to the C track program. It makes me extremely happy that Märklin also expanded on the Trix C track program, which has missed out on some additional track pieces in the past.
If you are using the C track, this will make your layout planning a lot easier. If you are looking for a great track with built-in track bed, you should give the Trix C track a try. I think you will be happy with the result!
Happy Modelling!