The German Railway in H0


My Exhibition Layout Part 5

I want a siding on my layout. A siding gives me more options for operating my trains. I have come this idea a bit closer and I have chosen to go with a factory from Faller. I think the building has a size that fits my idea well and it has some visual interest. Initially I looked at a sawmill but I have not been able to find any that suited my needs. There are a bunch out there, but they are either too small or too large. There really is not something in between.

I have yet to decide what the factory will represent, and I might just go with the default company from Faller.


Faller 130188 - "Pallet Factory". The building comes pre-weathered but I will add my own touches.

I also want my siding to have a loading ramp for loading tree trunks onto the trains. I like wood cutting and sawmills, so this is a must have for me.

Here are a couple of images of how it looks at the moment. I know that it can be problematic having to use the main line when shunting, but hey, that will just add to the challenges in a potential operating session.

The cross over north of the siding does not necessarily have to be there. I choose to put it there to see if it would work. That is one of the nice things about using the Trix C track, I can simply remove the cross over if I do not like it.

I will include an uncoupler track to add some play value to the siding. Uncoupler tracks can be great fun when operating the layout.

The loading ramp will be on the north side of the siding and the factory will be on the south side (farthest away on the picture)

Three hoppers can be parked at the loading ramp. In reality only one or two will be there when operating.

The C-track does look better when painted. I can only recommend doing so.

I got my inspiration to the siding from our vacations in Austria. These pictures are taken at a station in a little town called Hermagor in Carinthia. They have a sawmill there and the wood comes from the forest around the town and is loaded onto goods wagons.

The loading ramp is huge and can easily take two lorries parked next to each other. I will build my loading ramp to match this.

I will need to find lorries with cranes. Herpa produces some that might be interesting.

The loading ramp is a messy place. The building in the background is the other part of the siding. Track does not go there anymore, but it used to. The building is some sort of DIY market.

This is just a small update on what is going on at the moment. I have been busy figuring out how I wanted things to be and what would work for me. The hardest part was to find a factory building that would actually work for me. I think I have it all ready now.

Amongst the Herpa new items of 2016 was this lorry. I think it will be perfect for my loading ramp. It has a nice modern look to it.

Below is a visual representation of how the modules should end up looking like.

Happy modelling!