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New Item: Trix C-track Adapter Track 62922

Normally I don't spend much time show casing new items, as the news will quickly become old news. This time I am making an exception, because this new item needs the deserved attention. Also because it has not really been announced anywhere that I know of.

Goodbye Fleischmann Profi-Track

It has become well known that Fleischmann is stopping the production of their popular Profi-Track (the golden track with the gray rubber road bed). Unless you are sourcing your future track from the second hand shop or eBay, you need to find another track system to continue your hobby.

Hello Trix C-Track!

As a user of the Fleischmann Profi-Track: This is the perfect opportunity for you to try out the Trix C-track! 

Trix has made the proces as easy as possible with the Trix adapter track (number 62922)!

The adapter track will take your Profi-Track to the height of the Trix C-track by simply connecting the two!


The adapter track can be pre-ordered now and will be available soon. You can read more on the German Trix website: https://www.trix.de/de/produkte/details/article/62922/

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Happy Modelling!