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Review: Trix 24117, Freight Wagon Set

A model train

The Trix freight wagon set (Trix #24117) was announced in the New Items catalogue for 2014. The set is a model of two flat bed freight wagons of type Res and a high rail digger.

The set is already very hard to come by, I have no real clue on the reason, but it is sold out at most dealers. This is not normal for Trix new items, so there must be something special about this set.

The Prototype

Freight wagons of type Res is classified as "flat bed boggie wagon of standard type". It is a four axle flat bed wagon on type Y25 boggies, painted in yellow for the company OnRail. OnRail is a German company that trades and leases rail vehicles.

The Res type was built somewhere in the 70'es. They come with both wooden and steel floor.

The prototype is 19.9 meters (65 feet) long and weighs around 24.5 tonnes. The maximum speed without load is 120 km/h (75 mph).

A model train
A Res flat bed freight wagon (Photo from Wikipedia)

With this particular set, Trix included a high rail digger from the German model car manufaturer "NZG". The prototype for the digger is a Liebherr A900 C ZW with four supports. You can find this type of high rail digger on many railway construction sites. The digger is made of metal.

A model train
A high rail digger is included with the set. The digger is a Liebherr A900 C ZW similar to this one.

The Model

You get quite a lot with this set, perhaps this is why it is so popular. The box is huge, because the digger comes in its own box inside the other box. This keeps the digger well protected.

A model train
The high rail digger has small railway wheels that can be lowered to keep it on the track.

The wagons come loaded with ballast inlays that can be taken off. This is convenient if you want to make your own inlays or want to run the wagons without load. The model ballast is a bit on the rough side, and made by the company Duha, that manufacturers a wide range of loads and goods for the model railway.

A model train
Duha produces a lot of goods and loads for your model railway.

The wagons themselves have fine details and the printing is crisp and clear. The couplers are the standard Märklin short coupler. The NEM-pocket makes it possible to change the couplers to whatever couplers you like.

A model train
Res 37 80 3999 096-5

A model train
Res 37 80 3999 091-6

The high rail digger comes with a bucket and a clamshell. You can change them as you like. The digger seems robust and of good quality.

There is a wind screen wiper that can be glued onto the digger. I am not sure if is supposed to be separate, but mine was placed loose in the package.

A model train
The digger has some nice details and is definitely a fun addition to the set.

All in all a fine little set that I bought because I want to create railway construction train. I think they will go nicely to some of my other construction themed wagons.

Happy modelling!