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The Märklin Central Station 2 And Decoder Programming

As you may know I have a Märklin Central Station 2 (Märklin #60215). I love the Märklin Digital system because I think it is easy to use and easy to expand with all sorts of accessories.

I have added a few videos to my Youtube channel that show how you can program the m83 decoder (or any decoder for that matter) using the "new" keyboard programming screen that came with a recent software update.

No more do you need to create silly dummy locomotives to program accessory decoders.

You will find the information mentioned about the m83 in my article about the m83.

Custom CV Lists

With the Central Station 2 you can create custom CV lists that will help you program your decoders (both locomotive and accessory) at a later time. Basically you take the manual of your decoder and build the CV-table in the Central Station row by row. Afterwards you save it to the file system.

The Central Station will remember which CV list you chose for which decoder. The next time you need to program a decoder, you can easily see which CV is what.

If you buy a decoder from a manufacturer that is not Märklin, you can even add a CV list for that decoder. I did this with my ESU SwitchPilot Servo.

This video will give you an overview of the feature.

Happy Modelling!