The German Railway in H0


Woodland Scenics Foam Sheet Goods Vs. Standard White Foam

I build layouts and dioramas using the standard white foam (Expanded Polystyrene, EPS) that you can get in any hardware store. This type of foam is easy to work with and you can work with it inside the house. The only tool you need is basically a sharp knife, but a hot wire foam cutter of some sort is recommended. But Woodland Scenics also provides foam for this purpose. In this article I will compare the Woodland Scenics Foam Sheet Goods to Standard White Foam from the hardware store.


Enhancing the Winter Diorama, Part 1

Last year I built a winter diorama to have a nice display for Christmas. I think a model winter landscape is a fun way of displaying trains in the holiday season. I was not very happy with the back side of the station. I thought I needed some sort of better solution for the road that is supposed to be there. I also did not like the way the freight shed connected with the parking lot. This year it is time for a new parking lot and road.