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Review: NOCH platforms for C-track

In 2020 NOCH has released a new set of platforms designed to be used with C-track from Trix and Märklin. This new set of platforms comes with an added height that brings them up to match the C-track height. This is a really nice product.

A few years ago Faller released a similar product, but this product comes as a set with all sorts of added accessories, and is not really ideal if you are going to build long platforms. You will end up with lots of surplus materials that you do not really need.

I ordered a pack of the NOCH platforms to check them out. They are very nice and comes painted right out of the box. The platforms are made from the same "hard foam" as the tunnel portals, rocks and walls from NOCH. They weigh absolutely nothing and are very sturdy. They are also easy to modify with a sharp knife if you need to shorten them.

The platforms are 38 mm (~1.5 inches) wide, so they will fit between the free space on the C-track (with 24 degree turnouts, 77,5 mm or ~2.9 inches) or the space between the slim turnouts if you expand the track a bit. You need the 64 mm (~2.5 inches) C-track piece for this (2-rail use Trix 62064, Märklin 24064 for 3-rail).

A model train

The platforms are "hand painted" which probably boils down to a sort of grey wash. They look very good, but definitely could need a bit of additional weathering if you like. You don't need to, but it will enhance the overall impression. It is definitely possible to customize the platforms to your liking.

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All the pieces are 18 cm (~7.1 inches) long. You can use them as is on your temporary layout, which is quite nice. I imagine a scenario where you would like some platforms, but you can't have a permanent layout. These are great because you can piece them together as you like, to suit the needs of the layout that you are currently building. They work great on the floor as well. ~18 cm is also the length of a standard piece of C-track (Trix 62188, Märklin 24188).

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The platforms comes in several different types. You have end pieces, middle pieces, pieces with room for a crossing. Below are some pictures of different configurations.

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The end pieces brings the platform to ground level. They are easily combined with other pieces.

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The crossing section allows passengers to cross the track to another platform. You can combine this with some of the crossings from NOCH as well.

A model train

A model train

There is also a "starter's pack" where you get everything you need to build platforms for a small station. The set also includes some special rounded pieces that will fit into the angle of the 24 degree C-track turnout (R2).

The sets have the following part numbers:

  • Platform, straight: 66012 (1 pc.).
  • Platform, crossing, straight: 66014 (1 pc.)
  • Platform, end piece: 66015 (2 pc.)
  • Starter's pack: 66020 (2 rounded pieces, 1 straight and 1 straight crossing).

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Photo: NOCH

The prices can seem a bit expensive, but remember that you are free from assembly, painting and the needed length is easily calculated. The platforms are also easily re-used on another layout, since the hard foam resists almost everything. If you don't glue them too hard to the baseboard (I suggest using spots of glue from a glue gun), you should be good to go. Convenience have a cost.

The packaging are small boxes with WAY to much space inside. I hope they use recycled cardboard.

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Note! Remember to shake the package before leaving the store. The platforms weigh absolutely nothing, and I managed to get home with an empty box. Shaking the box will reveal if there is anything inside. I don't think this is much of a problem, just in case, I wrote NOCH to let them know about the potential problem.

All in all a very good product that I am sure will ease the way platforms are made with the C-track. The platforms are easy to use and provides a great impression. You can, of course, use them with other types of track with built-in ballast.

If you want some convenience building platforms, give the NOCH platforms a go, I think you will be happy with the result.

Happy modelling!