The German Railway in H0


An Update For The PIKO A-Track

I have always turned to Roco's Roco Line or the Tillig Elite track system for serious track work, but because of the ever increasing prices I have been keen on trying the cheaper PIKO A-track. I have seen a fair share of layouts built using this track and it does look quite good. The track costs about half the price of the Roco track. So far the quality has not been the same as the more expensive Roco Line track, but that might just be about to change.


My Exhibition Layout - Part 3

After having converted the track bed to NOCH ballast mat I have started to use the catenary with the small feet that you can put under the C-track. Because the track bed is not as wide as required I have some huge gabs underneath the track because the mast lifts the track upwards. In this post I solve this problem using a screwdriver, some glue and some more ballast mat.