The German Railway in H0


Choosing A New Digital System For My Trains

As you may know, I usually run my trains with a Lenz LZV100, a LH100 and a LI-USB for computer control. I do not use the LI-USB much, but I do use the LZV100 and the LH100 a lot. The Lenz system is good and does the job, but I am currently looking on other systems. I would like something to happen on the digital front, so I thought I would take the opportunity to look around and check out some of the other cool digital command control systems available.


Lenz LI-USB 64-bit drivers for Windows 8

Time has passed and Windows 8 is now a reality and have been for a while. Release previews have been available over a year before the final release. None the less, there are still no drivers available for Lenz LI-USB on Windows 8 - or Windows 7 for that matter. This article describes how to get the Lenz LI-USB to work with Windows 8 and Windows 10.