The German Railway in H0


How to Apply Professionally Looking Decals

I like prototypical operations. Anyone knowing me, would also know, that I am a rivet counter. :-) And on a real railway no two locomotives have the same number. This is where decals come in handy. You can buy new numbers for your locomotives and apply them yourself. In this post I will give you some hints on how to apply the decals to get an oustanding result.

When you apply decals the standard way you normally stop once the decals has been set on top of the target item. But there is one more step you can do, that will make your decal look like a silk print.

The decal has been applied. It looks the way it normally does, then hold up against the light, the transfer film is clearly visible.

Now we apply the Micro Sol decal softener from Microscale Industries Inc. You only need to add whatever it takes to cover the decal itself.

When the Micro Sol has vaporized the transfer film has been softened and is almost completely invisible. Hold against the light, it is not even visible. You now have a much better and professionally looking result.

The Micro Sol comes with the Micro Set decal remover, that will remove any existing decals from your wagon or locomotive. Very good if you need to remove factory added lettering.