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Storing Your Model Railway Tracks

A model train

I do not have a permanent layout. I build dioramas, modules and I build a lot of temporary layouts with my Trix C-track.

Whenever I do not use my track I store them in plastic containers from a Swedish company called Orthex Group. Their SmartStore boxes are very good and come in all sorts of sizes and variations.

I mainly use the SmartStore Classic 31, 32 liter box (Orthex Group #3510070) and SmartStore Classic 50, 52 liter box (Orthex Group #3542070) and I use the smaller organizer boxes (Orthex Group #3618190) with small compartments for small parts. You can buy inserts for your SmartStore boxes to keep smaller parts safe and the smaller boxes and organizers will fit inside the bigger SmartStore boxes. The system is very flexible.

I use my SmartStore boxes for

  • Tracks
  • Landscaping materials
  • Small parts
  • Paints
  • Tools

You can store whatever you want, even food. They also produce special robust storage solutions for tools.

A model train
The SmartStore 50 is very good for storing your C-track boxes.

 A model train
My Mobile Stations reside on the upper level of the storage box a long with points and other tools.

 A model train
I use the small organizers for plugs, electrical stuff and spareparts.


You can also buy a wall mounting system for your SmartStore boxes. I think this is really neat and it makes it even easier to reach for stuff in a box.

You can buy SmartStore boxes in almost every home supply store that have plastic containers. There are a lot of copies on the market, so beware for cheap reproductions. SmartStore comes with a 10 year warranty.

Happy modelling