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Exhibition: Modellbau Schleswig Holstein 2015

An ever recurring event is the exhibition Modellbau Schleswig Holstein in Neumünster, Germany. I usally go there to check on the different layouts there and, of course, to see if I need anything from the many shops that are there too.

This year I took some pictures for you to enjoy!

A model trainThe many shops in the area had a booth with a lot of second hand and new stuff.

A model trainLots of Märklin of course!


A model train...but also American stuff! I have never seen that before.

Eisenbahnfreunde Friesland

The club Eisenbahnfreunde Friesland showed their enourmous n-scale modular layout. It has some very nifty features and details. I am not sure, but it seemed like they ran it analogue.


A model trainInside the mountain is a hidden staging yard. N-scale makes these kind of tricks possible in small spaces as well.

A model trainA cute little lake with a beach.

A model train
The water treatment plant.

A model train
The river needs some dusting... ;-)

The mainline was long and had a few stations a long the way.

A model train...one of the stations being a big one!

A model train
The layout also had working signals.

A model train...and small gardens.

A model train
A gravel yard.

MEC Tarp

The model railway club in Tarp showed their American 0n scale layout.

A model train
Sweet Water Station

A model train
Finely detailed models and scenery.

Modellbahn Service Mecklenburg

Modellbahn Service Mecklenburg showed their completely computer controlled layout. Everything was run by a computer. A screen allowed the visitors to see what was going on in the computer.

A model trainThe layout was N-scale. There were a lot of N-scale layouts this year.

A model train
The screen allows the visitor to follow a long as the computer controls the trains.

US N-scale Layout

Yet another N-scale layout! This time in a American setting. The desert scenery did give quite a contrast to European scenery that you normally see around here.

Note: I did not get the name of the club. If you know it, please give me a shout. :-)


A model train
A highway is a must on an American layout.

A model train
The background really gives depth to the layout.

A model train
Only a few trains ran when I was there.

A model train
The railway as we know it. Trains never show up when you want to take a photo...


A few guys had brought their small Z-scale layouts. All of them built inside a suitcase.

A model train
Incredible how much you can put in a suitcase.

A model train
I wonder how many kilometers that little train ran that day...

All in all a great day and definitely worth it!

Happy modelling!