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Märklin and Trix Summer New Items for 2016

A model trainMärklin 37286

Today Märklin released the Summer New Items for 2016 along with the Trix Summer New Items. Both ranges have something that will definitely interest a vast majority of model railway enthusiasts. Personally, being an Era V and VI fan, I think the Märklin New Items has the most to offer, where as the Trix range is more older Eras. At least in H0.


In the Märklin Digital range there is a new booster for the Märklin Digital system. The booster is a colour upgrade to match the colour of the new Central Station 3 and Central Station 3 Plus. As far as I know, that is all there is to it.

Train Sets

One little train set caught my eye. It is a German State Railway (DRG) freight train from Era II. A cute little train if you are into that era.

A model train

Märklin 26194


Browsing through the new items brochure I stumpled across a class 217 double pack, with two class 217s in a double header formation. One loco is a dummy, and the models are permanently coupled. They are beautiful though, and I think they will shine on an Era V layout. The locos come with lots of digital features and an mfx+ decoder to take advantage of the "Spielewelt" features in the Central Station 2 and the Central Station 3. 

Unfortunately, the model is not available as a Trix model. I would have loved to own one.

A model trainMärklin 37769

Another beauty is the Trix class 01.5. The locomotive is a steamer, but do not let that fool you, it is an era VI steamer. This loco is currently undergoing restauration, a part of the restauration is sponsored by Märklin. The prototype is currently owned by the club Eisenbahnfreunde Zollernbahn (EFZ). The prototype (and model) carries the number 01 519.

The model has lots of digital features, including an mfx+ decoder to use with the "Spielewelt" features in the Central Station 2 and Central Station 3. The box contains a small leaflet about the restauration work being done on the prototype.

A model trainTrix 22907, Märklin 39207

The loco was a guest at the International Model Railway Exhibition (IMA) in Göppingen last year, where it was photographed together with yours truly. Having actually touched the prototype, I might go for this model.

A model train01 519 together with yours truly

Download The Brochure

You can download the Märklin New Items here.

You can download the Trix New Items here.

Your Opinion

What do you think? Are you interested in any particular model? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Modelling

Photos by Märklin, SJL