The German Railway in H0


Outside In The Sun

Normally model trains are not happy about the UV light coming from the Sun, but for a quick photo shoot outside they should be just fine. This weekend the weather was fine, so I took my brand new diorama outside and took some photos of it. I am always amazed how everything blends together when there is real life nature in the background.

These pictures are from the garden, I guess if I took the models to some field somewhere it could look even more realistic.

Happy modelling!

The scenery materials from Woodland Scenics really blend nicely with the real thing.

Trix model of a BR 185.2 (Trix #22639) with container tank wagons. Makes you wish you had thought about catenary...

...and from another angle (I know the rail paint job is not a top one, but that is fixed now).

...oh and btw. the track is Trix C track. ;-)