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Review: Trix 22972, Class 701 Catenary Maintenance Car

For this review I will try to embrace video as the main part of the review. I have the feeling that a video says a whole lot more than my words. Please enjoy.

A model train
Trix model of class 701, Catenary maintenance car.

The prototype

Back in the 1950'es the German Federal Railway decided to speed up the electricification of the railway network. For this purpose the VT 55 was constructed on the basis of the VT 98 platform. The little diesel locomotive was built to help with the construction of the catenary and for maintenance purposes. Today the VT 55 is classified as class 701.

The Trix model (Trix #22972) has the running number 701 156-2.


This is my first ever venture into video reviews. I am not sure if this is the style I will use, but I have tried to put together a review the way I like to see them done.

Additional Pictures

Here are some additional pictures of the model.

A model train

A model train

A model train

A model train

Happy modelling!