The German Railway in H0


Trix Club Wagon 2014

As usual the Trix Club wagon of the year (Trix #24814) is a fine freight wagon from the Royal Bavarian State Railroad (K.Bay.Sts.B). This year it is a beer car.

The printing is as usual crisp and clear. The brakes are detailed and the wagon is fitted with spoked wheel sets.

The wagon is a privately held wagon of the company Eberlbräu from Munich. The wagon looks as it would have around 1900.

The Eberlbräu brewery was founded in 1593 in Munich, Bavaria and existed up until 1920 when they merged with the Paulaner brewery. The logo of the brewery was a wild boar, which is also printed on the wagon.

You can visit the Paulaner brewery at their website.

The wagon is a typical country side freight wagon fitted with Westinghouse brakes and a little house for the brakeman. The wagon is painted in a white colour scheme to help keeping the beer cool. White colours reflect the sunlight, which is also why the majority of cooling wagons are white. The wagon number is 85671.

Happy modelling!