The German Railway in H0


Fixing Märklin C Track Motor Imitations With NOCH Hin & Weg-Kleber

Some time ago I did an article on using the motor imitations that come with the point drive from Märklin. It provides a nice little touch and at the same time let's you know that the point is not a manual one. There is just one problem with these small plastic parts: They fall off. From time to time, and more often than not, they will simply fall off the point when you handle it. This article shows you how to take care of that using a nifty product from NOCH or Woodland Scenics.


Outside In The Sun

Normally model trains are not happy about the UV light coming from the Sun, but for a quick photo shoot outside they should be just fine. This weekend the weather was fine, so I took my brand new diorama outside and took some photos of it. I am always amazed how everything blends together when there is real life nature in the background.


True to scale coaches vs the shorter length coaches

For ages European model railway manufacturers have produced shortened versions of the UIC passenger coaches. This often results in discussions on various model railway forums and often the dicussions goes into a religious debate on "what is the most right thing to do". At the end of the day, the right thing is what suits you. But there are some things that you might want to take into consideration before buying true to scale coaches.