The German Railway in H0


Using The Märklin m83 For Lighting

The Märklin m83 decoder is first and foremost a solenoid accessory decoder. A solenoid accessory can be a turnout motor or an uncouple track. The m83 can also be used to control lighting on your layout. Basically any light you can think of. The m83 also has several light effects that you can use. The set up is simple, but what is not apparent is that you need a 1k Ohm resistor to complete the job.


Märklin 3016 And 4018 On The Rolling Road

Last week I did some cleaning of our rented storage room. I found some of my old Märklin there and thought I would bring it back to the train room. I bought these models back in 1994 when I was on a student exchange in Stuttgart. It was a great day when I took my hard earned pocket money to the train store and got the one model that I have always wanted: The classic German rail bus.